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Welcome! Here at Bach Bee's, our mission is to assist in creating your dream Bachelorette or Bachelor event from planning your itinerary & decor, to putting together your favor & hangover bags, to set-up & tear-down of your event.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the party!

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Get in on the honey! Each Bach Bee's package requires a 30 minute consultation call, so we can fully understand your event location, theme, and needs.

B E E    S T I N G

Set-up & tear-down may

sting a bit for most.. But not

for Bach Bee's! Allow us to set-up & tear-down. You can rest easy knowing you won't

have to!

Ordering of one balloon

arch with backdrop, set-up &

tear-down, sashes & 6 Bougee Bee

BagsBuzz on.. the photo

booth & favor bags are

taken care of! 

B U M B L E    B E E

* Themed, Regular Sized Balloon

     Arch (Approx. 110 regular, 

     3 large)

* Photo Booth Props

* Themed Backdrop to Keep

* 6 Basic Bee Hangover Bags

The motherload. Ordering

of all decorations and games,

set-up & tear-down of your event, 6 personalized glasses & 6 Bougee

Bee Hangover Bags! Sit back,

relax and get ready.

Q U E E N    B E E

* Themed Balloon Arch (approx.

    140 regular 5 large themed)

* Themed Photo Booth Props

* Themed Backdrop to Keep

* Glasses: Wine, Whiskey, Tumbler

    or Champagne

* 6 Bougee Bee Hangover Bags

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Bee Bags require a 30 minute consultation, so we can get to know your event theme along with any concerns you may have! Kits may be purchased in

packs of 4, 6, or 10. 

B O U G E E    B E E

*Basic Bag contents PLUS:

(1) Pack of Gum, (2) Eye Masks, (3)

Individual Eyedrops, (2) Single-Use

Makeup Wipes, (1) Headband,

(1)  Claw  Hair  Clip  &  (2)

Groom/Bride Tattoos

$ 3 5

$ 2 5

(1) Emergency or Liquid IV,

(2) Individual Tylenol or Advil Packs,

(2) Hairties, (1) Pack Hydrocolioid Spot Stickers,  (1)  Tide  To-Go  Pen,

(1) Penis Shaped Soap Bar,

(1) Chapstick

B A S I C    B E E

Bach Bee's bougee hangover hex.png

M E N S    B A G

$ 5 5

(1) Personalized Whisky

OR Shot Glass, (1) Pair Sunglasses,

(1) Personalized Drink Koozy, (1) Sash,

(1) Boobie Shaped Soap Bar,

Personalized Bag


E V E N    M O R E

B O U G E E ?

Full - Sized  Face  Mask

Mini Shampoo & Conditioner

Personalized  Chapstick

Personalized    Bag

Venmo Bracelet

+ $ 1 0  E A C H

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All Bags include a 30 minute consultation, so your Event Bee's can get to know the theme and color choices. Glasses & Tumblers can be personalized with names or wedding party titles.

All colors are interchangeable: All bags can either match, or be assigned one color. Kits may be purchased in packs of 4, 6, or 10.

Build your own party bag using the button below!

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$ 1 7 5

( 1 )  Sash

Pair Themed Sunglasses

Personalized   Beach   Towel

Personalized Powder Coated Tumbler

Babe  or  Bridesmaid  Beach  Bag

Themed One Peice Swimsuit

Suit  Cover - Up

P J    P A R T Y

$ 1 5 5

(1) Sash

Pair Satin Pajamas

Full - Sized   Facemask

( 2 ) Boxes of Movie Candy  (of choice)

Popcorn Box (1 plastic or 3 paper)

Personalized  Wine  Glass


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Brittany was born in one of the most sought after wedding destinations in California- South Lake Tahoe. Her mother was always either making elaborate wedding and birthday cakes and sugar cookies, doing event hair and makeup, or making intricate invitations (remember Kylie Jenner's 16th?) Brittany obtained her cosmetology license and worked in salons as well as a freelance har and makeup artist for an on-demand bridal company. She worked her way to managing the on-demand company for a short while before the company closed their doors in 2019.

Brittany now owns a Marketing business that offers virtually anything under the marketing umbrella; you can check out her marketing page here. In her spare time, Brittany enjoys spending time with her children, Myles and Etta, as well as paddleboarding, hiking, and virtually anything outdoors.

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Welcome to Event Bee's by Brittany McGill Marketing! 

Baylee and Brittany met in 2011 through a mutual friend. They attended Cosmetology school together, worked in two different salons together, and have grown closer with each life event that passes by.

After planning and coordinating a very elaborate bachelorette weekend getaway in nearby Mammoth, Baylee and Brittany decided they needed to embark on this new endeaver together to offer event coordinating in a very niche market: Bachelor & Bachelorette parties.


Thus, Event Bee's was born.

Check out our best seller; the Bougee Bee Hangover Bag!

Baylee grew up in the Carson Valley, just a short drive from South Lake Tahoe. After graduating highschool, she obtained her cosmetology license from Redken Internatonal Academy of Style, and started working at a local salon. While she still has her license, she decided the salon world wasn't for her; so she moved to South Lake Tahoe and started working in the restaurant industry. Baylee worked her way to management for a time, managing one of the most fast-paced restaurants in the Heavenly Village.


After getting pregnant with her son, Dean, she took over the family cleaning business where she cleans several high-end homes and Airbnbs weekly.  In her spare time, Baylee enjoys spending time with her family, two dogs, and friends.

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