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In 2017, while working as a stylist for an on-demand bridal beauty company, I was hired as an assistant. Later, I found myself managing sales, taking on marketing, and finally becoming General Manager. The experience I gained during these years gave me the tools needed to run each moving part; not only sales and marketing, but also managing 50+ artists and putting together virtual and in-person onboarding and trainings. I became a master of project management; organizing our calendar to utilize 15-30 artists for up to 14 weddings in one single day spread throughout all of California and Northern Nevada. 

While the company closed its doors in 2019, I was left with an abundance of knowledge, and an appetite to learn more. I continued to master the intricate dance of marketing & automations with the help of a very knowledgeable Ethan Wood.

In February of 2020, Brittany McGill Marketing was born. Soon after, the remote workforce skyrocketed from a steady 3% to over 80%; thus, the need for online marketing, automations, integrations and web design continue to heighten. My intent is to help small businesses from the Pacific to the Atlantic and beyond, wherever they may need aid or guidance. 

I am also a full time mom to a very wild 3 year old {Myles David} and a major daredevil 1 year old {Etta Rose}.

I clearly thrive in chaos. 

  • Automations

  • Integrations

  • Small Business Set Up

  • Contact Relationship Management (CRM) Building

  • List Cleaning/Importing

  • Website Design & Set Up

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Consulting

  • Brand Creation & Management

  • Reputation Management

  • Email Campaign Design & Set Up

  • Sales Funnel Design & Set Up

  • Social Media Content

  • Chat Bot Set Up

  • Logo Design

  • Swag Design & Ordering

  • Landing Pages

  • Trade Show Booth Design & Materials

  • Business Card Design


        And MORE!





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