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Optimization & Designs That Prioritize

Your Brand's Functionality & Style

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  • Automations

  • Integrations

  • CRM System Building

        & Optimization

  • Small Business Set Up

  • List Cleaning/Importing

  • Website Design & Set Up

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Consulting

  • Website Optimization

  • Email Campaign Design & Set Up

  • Sales Funnel Design & Set Up

  • Brand Creation & Management

  • Reputation Management

  • Chat Bot Set Up

  • Logo Design

  • Swag Design & Ordering

  • Landing Pages

  • Trade Show Booth Design

        & Materials

  • Business Card Design

  • Social Media Content



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My name is Brittany McGill; Jane of all trades and mother of two beautiful children- Myles David & Etta Rose! I was born in South Lake Tahoe and raised in the Carson Valley. 

Brittany McGill Marketing was born in February of 2020. Soon after, the remote workforce skyrocketed from a steady 3% to over 80% ( With a generally newfound view of this work-from-home era, the need for online marketing, web optimization & automations/integrations continues to steady rise.

My intent is to help local businesses to small businesses in the US and beyond. Whether they need a bit of consulting or an extra hand with the tedious undertaking of marketing & optimization; no job is too small! If you're stuck on one single automation and need an extra set of eyes, give me a call and we will schedule a time to work on it together, over a recorded screen share for your records.


Let's work together!

Brittany McGill

Where BMM Started...

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My journey started while working as an artist for an on-demand bridal beauty company. After a while, the company was hiring internally for an assistant position. Having a 3 week old baby, I needed a part time work-from-home job where I could continue taking artistry work. I soon found myself working from home full time. The company, continuing to grow exponentially, needed a sales manager. who better to take on the job? Soon, the marketing team needed help.

I wore many hats in the years I worked with the bridal company, and finally became the General Manager. The experience gained during these short years gave me the tools needed to run each moving part; not only sales and marketing, but also managing 50+ artist appointments, and putting together both virtual and in-person onboarding and trainings. I became a master of project management; organizing our calendar to utilize 15-30 artists for up to 14 weddings in one single day spread throughout all of California and Northern Nevada. 

While the company closed its doors in 2019, I was left with an abundance of knowledge, and an appetite to learn more. I continued to master the intricate dance of automations with the help of a very knowledgeable mentor. I also still offer hair and makeup services; you can check out my bridal beauty page here.